Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin's MagiQuest is in a Great Wolf Lodge and is a Forest Realm.

It has another competitor in the Wisconsin Dells area (that might actually be a ripoff) called Wizard Quest, but it is located in a strip mall near the Ripley's Believe it or Not. However, Wizard Quest does not have wands, but certain quests in Wizard Quest require a UV light that can be purchased. If this sounds interesting, be sure to look at it's wiki.

Available Rune QuestsEdit

Available Adventure RunesEdit

Game AreasEdit

1st FloorEdit

Dragon's Hall

Pixie's Perch

Dragon's Lair

2nd FloorEdit

Whispering Woods

Goblin King's Chamber

Goblin Path

3rd FloorEdit

Piney Path

4th FloorEdit

Treetop Hall