Hi! I`m Da Villager and today I am here to give you tips on improving your Magiquest experience!

  1. The timed Heroic Quests (that I know and have beat) (feel free to correct me, it`s been over a year since I did them)  are: Lightning, Ice Arrow, Master Magi, and Protection.
  2. Levels do not transfer between locations. This tip is not so much gameplay, but more me being a level freak.
  3. Some Heroic Quest tips:
  • Reveal is just the ingredients for the normal version, but in reverse order.
  • For Portal, cast at the star eight times, instead of five. 
  • Enchant is three chests and a painting, not three and a stone like the normal version. 

   4. The levels past Master Magi 1 don`t really matter, but some players like to count and compare them for            fun. For instance, I often try to beat staff members` levels.

   5. The Heroic Master Magi quest gives you 8(?) minutes to get to the Master Magi chest. The stars all have          letters and the stones have numbers. It goes (correct me if i`m wrong): Star 1, Stone A, Star 2, Stone B, Star        3, Book of Stars, Star 4, Stone D, Star 5, Chest.  

   Any corrections would be appreciated. Please do not put troll corrections, or correct if you do not know the answer. I`m sorry about the lack of info about basic quests, but you forget a lot over three years.