On September 15, the Magiquest at Funplex is set to close down.

About three and a half years ago, I had visited the Magiquest at Funplex for the first time. At first, I was kind of annoyed that I had to redo all of my progress (I had just gotten Master Magi at Poconos GWL.) However, every time I went there, I got to know and like this cute little location, tucked away in the arcade.

After a while, going to Funplex became one of my favorite things to do. The staff were all so friendly, and some gave me tips for my Heroic and Master Magi quests. There were a couple that I would see a lot, and would look forward to seeing again. Even though I had already beat the game at this point, helping newer players always made me feel good, as well as topping the leaderboards. In fact, I got my first #1 there (Top Points Today!)

However, around the time I got Master Magi 9, I noticed something. The staff were no longer as fun as they once were, and there was an increasing number of game glitches. Its charm started to fade, and going there was no longer the pleasant experience it once was. With ShadowQuest, I could guess what was happening. My theory was, and still is, that the Funplex location is outdated, and unsupported. 

Much as I wish it was not, there goes the location with all my memories, But I guess Creative Kingdoms can do what they want, so I guess this is it.

Goodbye Funplex - you will be missed.

Da Villager (talk) 23:47, July 17, 2016 (UTC)

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