Correction: Top Gold just counts your gold from the award period. Sorry!


After mentioning the Score Boards a couple times in the previous installment of After Master Magi, I decided that I should make today's article about topping the boards. I'm sure most of you have made it up there before, and this article is not meant to be dumbed down. To keep this more of an intermediate/advanced level post, I'll post more basic info on the topics in a separate post. 

Before we start, I would like to state my intentions for this article. These tips are not meant as some kind of instant solution. They will let you top daily or weekly, and monthly at best, with a day trip. They will not instantly catapult you onto yearly, let alone all time. Keep that in mind, for I do not want to cause you unneeded frustration.

I will be dividing the rest of this article into three sections, for the three different boards.

Top Points

If you are following my advice on the previous post, you might be pretty far up. From what I have noticed, the amount of XP it takes to top Daily on an average day is anywhere from 6000 - 10000 XP. This should get you about 2 levels, at Master Magi 2-6. The Compass Quests and Adventures should be giving you quite a bit of XP, so use these instead of the Master Magi Rune if it suits your fancy. Heck, you might accidentally find yourself on this board while doing your Adventures!

Top Gold

I believe this board counts your whole gold fund, and not just gold from that visit. This should make it a lot easier, as I'm sure you guys (and gals) have a lot of Gold already. If not, I believe completing Quests should give you an amount of gold, so this goes hand in hand with the Top Points board. This one is fairly self explanatory, and as such I don't feel a need to give further tips.

Top Runes

This board's arguably the hardest, as a new Magi doing the easier runes has an advantage, for they will take less time per Rune. As a result, I suggest going for the other two boards first, and spending the rest of the day doing quick runes. I would suggest Portal, if you have a serious amount of gold to waste. If you only have a small lead over whoever has #2 Top Gold, I suggest picking whatever takes you the least time. Remember, this board has a tendency to clash with achievement of the other two boards, so prioritize which one you want to go for first.

Remember, the most efficient Magi are usually the best ranking, and people tend to be most efficient doing what they are comfortable doing. So, if you have a particular formula that works best for you, use that instead. It's probably going to let you get things done faster than someone who is doing a Quest that they don't like/do slowly. To repeat that again, do what you feel like. It's going to serve you better than following my instructions to the tee.


Da Villager (talk) 23:53, May 23, 2016 (UTC)

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