So what do you do once you reach Master Magi, you ask? Well, the obvious answer would be to do Adventures. But what if you've done all those? Well, there are still options, including CompassQuest, Master Magi and Heroic quests, working your way up the Score Boards, and gaining additional Levels. Since I feel like spreading these posts out, I will be making this into a series of blogs about the aforementioned subjects.

Being a bit of a level freak, I will start this off with how to get levels efficiently

First of all, for those of you who haven't read the article on ranks and levels, I will quote the relevant part of the article over here.

"There are additional Master Magi ranks (Mstr Magi 2-16) that are merely titles. Master Magi 2 can be achieved by earning 3000 more XP from repeating quests or doing adventures. For 3-9, you add another 1000 XP to the requirement for each level. So, Master Magi 3 will require 4000 XP starting from zero. For 10-16, the requirement doubles each time."

But how do you get so mush XP fast enough to stay motivated? Well, there is one solution to all of our problems. It's called the Master Magi Rune. It's not timed, and it gives a decent amount of XP, possibly on par with some Adventures. This XP is also very useful for thrusting you onto the leaderboards quite quickly. If you do this solidly, you can still make it onto the Top XP front page, as well as having time to help out newer players.

Of course, there are common mistakes to be made in anything, and that includes leveling up. Here are a list of the more common ones. I have made many of these, and I want to give you guys an easier time.

  • Master Cartographer Rune - This quest is commonly thought of as harder than Master Magi, and the XP output is about the same. However, CompassQuest is a valuable set of quests in its own right. If I remember correctly, the first two quests got me from Mstr Magi 2 to 3, about level with the three Master Magi Quests at East Hanover.
  • ShadowQuest - I can't confirm for myself (yet), but I have heard from various staff members that this does not contribute to your XP bank at all. It's a completely different story line.
  • Silver/Ice Dragon - In the time it takes to try and try and finally succeed at one of these, you can probably make the same amount of XP in Master Magi Quests.

This blog has pretty much exhausted my list of tips for tonight's blog. So it is here I conclude my first installment of After Master Magi - a series of tips for continuing to excel

Farewell for now,

Da Villager (talk) 00:22, May 23, 2016 (UTC)

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