These are all actual questions and comments I have heard at my time at Magiquest...

  • "I just bought the game, how do I fight the dragon?"
  • "Let's fight the fairy first, then heal the dragon..."
  • "The QuestMaster looks like a pedo"
  • "Which quest do you do to become a Master Magi?"
  • "Master Magi 13? That's not a rank"
  • "How do you do 150 quests and 90,000 XP in 6 hours?"

My thoughts about the above: 

  • Maybe, y'know, read the guide? And take it a little slower?
  • I don't know how you can fight the fairy and heal the dragon, but you can heal the fairy and fight the dragon? -.-
  • I have to admit that I kinda agree xD
  • The Master Magi Quest...
  • Well then... 
  • Lots and lots of grinding xD

If you have more feel free to comment!

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