Treetop Hall is the top floor in Great Wolf Lodge MagiQuest locations.

In the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells, it has an upper area that is actually considered part of the fourth floor by the creators of MagiQuest, whereas other may beleve that it is supposed to be a "secret" fifth floor. It is where players are in the same place as the treetops of the Quest Tree in the center of the building, hence the name: "Treetop Hall". It is also the level you get to if you climb the rope mazes to thier finish. Not many items are in this level, mostly because the rope mazes take up most of the space, and most of the items are found in corners or inside of the Quest Tree in holes. It's also a good place to hang out if you need a little less noise and not so many squealing children who can't beat Charlock and thier parents won't buy them the Dark Skull topper because they're cheap or something. (just an example), it's usually rare to see a child come up to this level because of how long it takes to get up there. Moreover, Treetop Hall has no Encounter Rooms, but the only charachters you can find on this level are the Old Man in the Stump, and the Wise Owl, who is on the aforementioned upper area. In this upper area, two long slides entrances can be found that lead all the way back down to the ground floor, Dragon's Hall. While these slides seem like a good way to get around, some of the shopkeepers have actually warned players not to go down slides because "magic" and static electricity don't mix. By that, they mean that the static electricy in the slides probably does something bad to the wand's hardware inside, and then you just wasted sixteen dollars (or twenty four if you got a dragon wand). That said, the slides are mostly for those kids with the cheap moms. Regardless of the minimal items and only two characters, the floor makes up for it with it's calm environment and the well decorsted forest designs. If you prefer the hidden stairs and not the rope mazes, then you must be warned that the stairwell takes you up to the highest area where the slides and the Wise Owl are.

In the location at Grapine, Texas, 

In the location at Travers City, Michigan,

Items in Grapine, TX: tree slime, hawk, lady in the wall, star diamond.

Items in Travers City, MI:

Items in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin: