The Silver DragonEdit

Silver Dragon

The Silver Dragon used to be unlocked by defeating the Rock Golem in Online Magiquest. Since Online Magiquest discontinued, you can now unlock him by completing Charlock (Red Dragon) and the Master Magi rune. He, unlike Charlock and Winterra, does not follow a set sequence. This makes him harder to defeat, but having select toppers instantly defeats him.

Defeating The Silver DragonEdit

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

Start the quest at the trees. Make sure you have everything you need and select the silver dragon quest. Go up to the portal, podium, and screen where the goblin king and red dragon appear. The silver dragon will appear here too.

Optionally, you can get the crystal shield first via the crystal shield quest before trying to slay the dragon. If you do this you will get one free chance to miss without being killed. To get the shield, activate the crystal and go through the portal to the podium. You don't need to point to any of the portal runes. Wave the wand over the podium. You will be able to select either the silver dragon or the crystal shield. On the screen select the shield. After listening to the introduction, go out and find the five crystals in the random order. You will need to stop by status station screens to get clues for the color of the next crystal you need. When you have all five crystals, go back to the portal for the silver dragon. The crystal shield helps you a lot, giving you a chance to mess up when remembering the order or not being fast enough.

To enter the duel, activate the crystal and go through the portal. Wave your wand over the podium. Select the dragon. Listen through the introduction, and then watch the colored crystals onscreen. They will light up in a particular sequence. Repeat that sequence, then touch the attack icon in the middle. Quickly wave your wand over the dueling stand to attack with the portal energy crystals. Repeat until defeated. The first sequence is 3 crystals long, the second is 5, the third is 7, and the fourth is 7. You need to be quick in repeating back the sequence before the dragon comes back and attacks you. The first three sequences give you 20 seconds to type in the colors and the Medal of Ardas, the last gives you ten. While you can try to write down the sequence it is probably easiest just to remember it. Some strategies are to try remembering in groups of three, or assigning each color a number and remembering the numbers..

Trivia Edit

  • The Silver Dragon is the only dragon so far without a confirmed name.
  • His voice actor is unknown.

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