• Front page of top points ever- Mason OH, 1/14
  • Front page of top runes ever- Mason, OH 1/14
  • Front page of top gold ever- Mason, OH 1/14

Score boards are a part of most locations. They display the top 24 players in points, gold, and runes. There are boards by day, week, month, year, and ever, for that location. Most MagiQuest locations have a television running the scores in the shop or near the Quest Stones. At the Great Wolf Lodge locations, there is a dedicated television station that displays the scores from any television, including in guest rooms. You can also view the score boards by tapping the screen on any Quest Station without lighting it up with your wand (this only works at certain locations, like in Grapevine).

Keep in mind that the majority of the Magi on the 'ever' boards are players that have returned many times, play all three games, (MagiQuest, CompassQuest, and ShadowQuest) and are well acquianted with the shop keepers, who give them master pointers, and who unlock the quests for them again after they are maxed out.