Words from Ancient Book of Wisdom Edit

This is a direct quote from the Ancient Book of Wisdom’s page about the Rune of Proctetion quest (Myrtle Beach), “Two thousand gold pieces require your collection, Then seek out the chest where the crown of Protection is hidden; the Hour Glass will give assistance and lead, but be carful and please keep your distance!”


Page from The Ancient Book of Wisdom

The quest Edit

To get the rune of protection, you must first get 2,000 gold from all around the kingdom. You can do this by opening chest and checking your status at certain character screens. Then you must find the hour glass. She will tell you to go and open the chest of protection before your time runs out. You then run to the chest (location of chest carries depending on where your playing) open it, then run back to the hour glass. You know you’ve done it in time depending on what the hourglass says. If you don’t you can do it again. After you have 2,000 gold pieces, the hourglass, and the green chest opened, you go to the wizard statue. He will give you the rune.

Magical Use Edit

The rune of Protection can create a powerful shield around the caster. It is very useful in dueling and in adventures. In the Charlock adventure, you use it when he is about to breath fire on you. This will dampen the effect of Charlock‘s attack.