Rune of Protection

Rune of Protection

The Protection Rune is the power to shield and protect a Magi from the elements of fire and ice spewed from the mouths of the dragons that reside in MagiQuest. You can also use it to feel less pain in battle. Each MagiQuest Quest Rune symbolizes a Quest in the game.


Wisconsin Dells, WIEdit



Two-thousand gold pieces require your collection, then seek out the chest where the Crown of Protection is hidden; the hourglass will give assistance and lead, but be careful and please keep your distance!


Two thousand gold you seek to find? If you are brave and so inclined then be persistent, bold and wise, and simply open up your eyes!

Whispering Woods would be the place to find an hourglass and embrace it's charms, but surely heed the chime, and, Magi, don't run out of time!

This bold regal chest, royal craftsmen designed it, off Piney Path you surely will find it.

The Treeman holds your prize, and soon you'll gain the great Protection Rune! Look close around and you will see the Whispering Woods is where he'll be.

If you don't understand the rhymes:

  1. Gold - You need 2,000 gold to continue on this quest for the hourglass
  2. Hourglass - sitting on a rock in Whispering Woods, it will tell you to find the regal chest in 30 seconds
  3. Regal Chest - Don't run out of time, you have 30 seconds to find it, it is sitting in the quest tree, and is found on Piney Path. It is green with a crown inside when opened.
  4. Treeman - After you find the chest with the Crown of Protection, go down to Whispering Woods to find the Treeman, he replaces the Wizard Statue at this MagiQuest and probably at other forest realms. He will give you the Rune of Protection.

New England/Fitchburg, MAEdit

  1. Gold You need 2,000 gold look everywhere
  2. HourGlass- Next to the Breakhame in Forgotten Hallway
  3. Chest with Crown- Forgotten Hallway
  4. Golden Horseshoe- Next to the Blackmantle in Forgotten Hallway
  5. Agonistus the Firey Smith- Forgotten Hallway