In the Red Dragon adventure, players must find Charlock and defeat him. Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC WARNING ** Spoilers below. Here, you only need the Portal Rune, Freezing Rune, Protection Rune, and Ice Arrow Rune to go on this adventure. Go down to the Forgotten Hall, to the painting of the dragon, and engage it. Memorize the symbols on it.

Go up to the third floor, and go to the Dragon Lair. Find the symbols, cast at the symbols that were in the painting, then go through the arch, but make sure to cast the portal rune. Inside, go in, and engage Charlock. Be sure to only cast once, and not use aggressive wand work like some Magi. Every time you jab your wand at the screen either turns the spell on or off. And be sure to equip the right spell on the touchscreen. After you've defeated Charlock, he will give you the Dragon Rune, which gifts you with the ability to call him once in a Magi's duel. But you can only summon him once, so use it wisely. Good luck, Magi.