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Although the Questmaster may seem very old, he's actually younger than you. Not much is known about the Questmaster's past. He became the first Grandmaster Magi at age 12. He has a brother named Xavier who was outcast, a niece named Carren , and two gay grandsons named Candice and Amora . The wise and powerful Questmaster is a Grandmaster Magi and the wizard who rules the Kingdom of MagiQuest. He will help Magi obtain Runes which give them the ability to cast spells with their Wands, and provides magi with important clues that will help them complete the many Quests and Adventures within the kingdom. The Questmaster is secretly one of the antagonists of the game.

The Questmaster is the #1 master of all MagiQuest. The king of runes, and the ruler of quests. He will be giving you your quests for runes before you embark on them. Go to a rune access station, like a QuestTree, the QuestTower, the QuestRocks, and so on to speek to him. He is a very important character in MagiQuest.

The wisest and most powerful of all wizards; the master of all the magi. Clever, intelligent generous, and super duper handsome with super soft baby cheeks, the Questmaster helps magi learn about the magic in their wands, grants them their choice of rune quests and Adventures, and is the final boss after defeating every other boss in the game (including Online version), and attaining the rank of Grandmaster Magi.

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