The Master Magi rune symbolizes the height of achievement among Magi Questers. To claim this most prized rune, A Magi quester must accomplish 11 challenges and face the final and ultimate challenge of Stars and Stones. Very few Magi succeed. Those who complete the ultimate challenge possess the rune and become Master Magi - A title that symbolizes Magi have fully tested their abilities, fueled their creativity and grown in wisdom and power - All through the wave of a wand in a place called MagiQuest.

The two steps to becoming a Master Magi.


Great Wolf Lodge- Wisconsin Dells, WI, and Grapvine txEdit


  1. Star One - On the floor, Dragon Hall, in between shop and arcade
  2. Star Two - Whispering Woods above the blue slide, shopkepper's hall by stairs.
  3. Star Three - Whispering Woods across from the Goblin King's Chamber, enchanted woods by stairs
  4. Star Four - Piney Path, pixies perch, by the stair
  5. Star Five - Treetop Hall, also treetop hall
  6. Book of Stars - Dragon's Hall by the Quest Tree, Tangled Woods at the left of the stairs


  1. Creativity Stone - Piney Path, in the Jungle Gym, Tangled Woods, by elevator
  2. Communication Stone - Whispering Woods, Piney Path in the stairway
  3. Collaboration Stone - Whispering Woods, pixies perch.
  4. Courage Stone - Dragon's Hall, Enchanted Woods
  5. Compromise Stone - Treetop Hall, Piney Path
  6. Master Magi Chest - Dragon's Hall next to the Lady in the Wall, this finishes all quests and grants you a Master Magi, pixies perch, in pixie, bear, unicorn room.

Great Wolf Lodge- Concord NC Edit

Stars Edit

Stones Edit

  1. Creativity Stone - Near the Book of Stars at Piney Path
  2. Communication Stone - In the Enchanted Forest
  3. Collaboration Stone - Next to the quest trees. Be sure to look in dark areas as well!
  4. Courage Stone - Near the Book of Constellations at Piney Path
  5. Compromise Stone - In the Forgotten Hallway
  6. Master Magi Chest - Near the windows to the water park at the dragon's lair

Great Wolf Lodge - Williamsburg, VA Edit

Stars Edit

  1. Star One - 3rd floor East (Whispering Woods)
  2. Star Two - 3rd floor West (Howling Hills)
  3. Star Three - 4th floor West (Coastal Cliffs)
  4. Star Four - 4th floor East (Tangled Timbers)
  5. Star Five - 2nd floor (Cryptic Caverns)
  6. Book of Stars - Find you need a Cryptic Caverns.

(Can be done in any order.)

Stones Edit

  1. Creativity Stone - 4th floor West (Coastal Cliffs)
  2. Communication Stone - 2nd floor (Cryptic Caverns)
  3. Collaboration Stone - 4th floor East (Tangled Timbers)
  4. Courage Stone - 3rd floor West (Howling Hills)
  5. Compromise Stone - 3rd floor East (Whispering Woods)
  6. Master Magi Chest - 3rd floor East (Whispering Woods)

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