It all begins with A Wand! The secrets of MagiQuest are unlocked through the use of your very own, personalized Magic Wand. Each wand remembers you by name, and knows what Quests and Adventures you’ve completed, tracks your Gold and other points starting from the very first day you enter the kingdom! Your wand will work and remember you at every MagiQuest location. Once you know how to wield a wand, the world of MagiQuest can be yours!

Classic Wands Marked by fantastical carvings, the Classic Wand is the hallmark of a great Magi. A Magi’s best friend is their Wand, and this classic can be quickly and easily fit with any Topper, and keeps powers and secrets better than most mortal friends! Edit

Sparkle Pink Wan 4c11441c1937b

Sparkle Pink Wand

Pink is Powerful, indeed! The Mystics of MagiQuest know that Pink symbolizes Energy, Action and Confidence.
Black Gold Wand 4a25af0f8436d

Black and Gold Wand

Forged from molten gold taken from the Princess Candice's treasury.
Dark Brown Wand 4a25b0bdc7bd6

Dark Brown Wand

Hand-crafted from fallen spring trees reclaimed from the Twisted Forest Realm.
Silver Gold Wand 4a25af95461a5

Twilight Wand

Dipped in the moonlight, reflected in the pools of the Unicorn's Glen.

Flame Wand 4d0bb98de46c6

Flame Wand

Your flame power will never go out with this wand.

Dragon WandsEdit

These sleek Wands have been created from a special combination of spells and other magical elements that grant their owners additional powers and abilities. You won’t earn Dragon Wand powers on any Quests, they are exclusive to these mysterious marvels. Use them wisely!

Red Dragon Wand 4a25b23ad3770

Red Dragon Wand

The Power of this Wand is great, indeed, for even though it glows with the fire of the breath of Dragons, it is cool to the touch.
Ice Dragon Wand 4a25b1c4d4bb9

Ice Dragon Wand

Shaped by decades of ice flows, deep in the caves of Wintera, the Ice Dragon.


A Magic Wand is a very personal thing, and there are dozens of ways to adorn your wand using fantastical and beautifully sculpted Toppers to help your wand say something special about you! Many of the MagiQuest Wand Toppers have thrilling features like lights and motion, making it particularly helpful to be seen in dungeons and crypts.

Iceburst ToppersEdit

With the power of the Iceburst you can instantly defeat Charlock the Red Dragon, the Goblin King , and the Dark One who dwells in the Crypt . To recharge Iceburst: Defeat she whose home is cold and filled with ice.

At Great Wolf Lodge, this topper is registered as the FireBurst (see below).

Wintera Topper 4b9083ef0276b

Wintera Topper

Ice Dragon Toppe 4a2055eb919dc

Ice Dragon Topper

Fireburst ToppersEdit

With Fireburst you can instantly defeat Wintera the Ice Dragon , the Goblin King, the silver dragon and the Dark One in the Crypt . To recharge Fireburst: Defeat he who protects gold and breathes fire.

Dragon Gem Toppe 4a36d6f734077

Dragon Gem Topper

Dragon Topper 4a36d6cc29784

Dragon Topper

Unicorn Topper 4a202c0edc26c

Unicorn Topper

Unicorn Horn Top 4a36d92cc3fd7

Unicorn Horn Topper

Dark Skull
Dark Gem Topper 4b21485e7ff86

Dark Gem Topper


With the power of the dark laughing skull you can instantly defeat Charlock the Red Dragon , Winterra the Ice Dragon , and the Dark One in the crypt . To recharge the Dark Skull power: Recover that which has been stolen
Dark Crown Toppe 4a53f7cb1e4f9

green skull Topper

from the Majestic Princess.

At Great Wolf Lodge locations without the Goblin King, the skull and dark gem is registered as the Blue Claw (see below).

Nature's Favor ToppersEdit

With Nature's Favor you can instantly dazzle the Pixie's crystal, the Unicorn's star and summon the Princess ' jewels then return them directly to her for your reward. To recharge Nature's Favor: Set out and earn the power of Music again to connect with nature.

In ShadowQuest at Great Wolf Lodge, Nature's Favor can be used to manipulate time to your benefit at any Virtual Environment. This time warp is ready whenever you need it.

Ice Crystal Topp 4a2034912d444

Ice Crystal Topper

Pixie Topper 4a36d860c4273

Pixie Topper

Healing ToppersEdit

With the power of Healing you can instantly heal the Pixie's green crystal and Glittertail the Unicorn . Also this powerful spell will save you once in a duel against the dragons and the Goblin King , giving you one more chance to beat them. You can recharge this topper by regaining the power of healing.

Majestic Gem Top 4a2037b2a3bb2

Majestic Gem Topper

Tiara Topper 4a2071bfe132b

Crown Topper

Learned Owl TopperEdit

With this power you can summon the knower of secrets in the kingdom, the Learned Owl . He will give you hints on your journeys. To recharge the power to summon the Owl: One must prove again to the Questmaster that one is a Master Magi . The Master Magi topper has sound when the wand is waved.

At Great Wolf Lodge, the Learned Owl never needs charging. He is always available to help; just touch the "?" icon at any status screen.

Master Magi Topp 4a36d88b1fb65

Master Magi Topper

Blue Backscratching Claw TopperEdit

With the power of the blue claw one can summon the villain Xavier to the kingdom with this topper. Xavier will make his presence known by his laughter ringing throughout the kingdom and stop everyone in their tracks. To recharge this power to summon Xavier: One must go on a long journey collecting more of each of the core magic runes in the kingdom. Remember, Magi, to collect your runes in a set. It also gives you the power to scratch your itchy back.

Gauntlet Topper 4a205dbe059fb

Gauntlet Topper

Power of Laughter TopperEdit

With the power of laughter you can bring a smile to the kingdom. Simply cast a spell at he who put the Spider on the Queen's Cider! To recharge power of laughter: A Magi must collect and pay to the Trixter Clan a substantial amount of gold .

Trixter Topper 4a203ab54c03f

Trixter Topper

Rune Collector TopperEdit

The Rune Collector Topper gives magi a convenient way to display their collected runes from their wand

Rune Collector T 4a2059ce1f440

Rune Collector Topper

Golden KeyEdit

MQ Key 4b2a57e8b35aa

MQ Key

A Magi possessing the Golden Key will be able to unlock the most hidden secrets that exist within the kingdom.
  • The Golden Key is not linked to a Magi or their wand , so anyone possessing a key can use it.
  • The Golden Key can be used at the following locations .
    • Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
      • You can acquire the power of the key temporarily by casting your wand at the key stored in the village warehouse. This will grant you the ability to unlock the secret door into the goblin's lair (located in the forest)
      • You can also use the key to open a secret door in the village that takes you to the lair of Charlock the Red Dragon .


MQ Compass 4afd7f905e22b

MQ Compass

Possession of the Kingdom Compass grants a Magi the ability to use the Map of Knowledge which reveals the location of the enchanted items, areas and creatures that reside within the kingdom.

At Great Wolf Lodge, the Compass unlocks 9 additional quests for your journey.

MagiQuest CostumesEdit

Whether Cloaked in Secrecy or Boldly Displaying Your Castle's Colors, These Magical Garments Will Clothe You For Any Quest and Distract Your Opponent in Any Duel With Magical Style!


The MagiQuest Capes come in red, purple, pink, green, and black. Each has the MQ logo embroidered on the front. The eyelet accents allow Magi to display their runes from the cape or personalize it with unique décor. It's designed to clip onto MQ tunics.


The MagiQuest Tunics come in red, purple, green, pink, and black. Each has the MQ logo embroidered on the front. The eyelet accents allow Magi to display their runes from the tunic or personalize it with unique décor.


The MagiQuest Belt is offered in pink, green, red, black and purple. Use the eyelets to hang and display your runes from the belt or place them in the attached pouch. It also comes with a holster for carrying your wand.

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