Hello and welcome to the MagiQuest Wiki! We're happy that you decided to help us in our quest to become a place where all MagiQuest fans can share their knowledge and thoughts about the game. All edits (and questions!) in good faith are welcome here, and we wish you good luck on your journey!

Useful pages Edit

Some of the pages here are Special Pages, made as wiki resources to assist you in making awesome edits. Here are some of the most useful ones.

Not sure what pages to make? Check out the Wanted Pages list for pages that the community wants!

Want to add an article to our Wiki blog, but not sure how to do that? Well, that's what the Blog creator was meant for!

Need friends? Here is a full, searchable list of the wiki's editors!

As well, this page's talk doubles as a general talk page, for anything that crosses your mind!

Guidelines Edit

Even though this wiki is pretty open, there are some basic guidelines to keep editing fun for everyone.

First things first, to keep it easy to read, please use at least minimal proper spelling and grammar. To make it easier to find the page you need, please try to avoid duplicate pages. As well, please try to keep all information accurate, after all, this is a wiki!

Finally, use common sense! Just because no one's saying you can't do something, there are some things you shouldn't. Please stay respectful to other Wikians.

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