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MagiQuest is a persistent fantasy game with live action game locations and an online computer game. MagiQuest players, known as Magi, take part in quests and adventures. A Ma adventures. Adventure quests grant adventure runes. Runes can also be used to duel other magi at certain physical locations.

A magi's acquired runes, experience, gold, and equipment are accessible through the MagiQuest homepage. MagiQuest tracks players accumulated runes at the live action game locations as well as in the MQ online game (The online game was shut down on December 31, 2012). Each magi receives a wand that contains their information for the sites that they visit. A physical wand is not required for the online game. Wands can be customized with various toppers and design kits to further personalize the magi's wand and to gain additional powers at some MagiQuest locations.

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The Story of MagiQuest is your story. It is written by the magi, and each one is unique. No other world allows you to shape history and affect change quite like the World of MagiQuest. Story is driven by character – and you are the leading character here. But characters must make choices, so be wise, Magi, because with choice comes consequence…

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