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Intro to MagiQuest01:03

Intro to MagiQuest


Magi NameEdit

Each magi chooses their own name upon their first entry into a MagiQuest realm . Once a Magi is known to one realm, they are known to all.


As magi complete quests they earn experience and earn higher magi ranks. Experience at one realm does not transfer into other realms, but is linked to that realms location.


As a magi completes quests and earns experience they will attain higher ranks within the MagiQuest community.Your rank at one realm does not transfer into other realms, but is linked to that realm's location.



Gold can be used to complete quests and can also be used to purchase dueling passes and other rewards at some MagiQuest locations These runes for gold are portal, protection, and distract.


Runes are acquired by questing and adventuring. Runes are what give a magi the ability to perform spells. Runes can be used in adventures and in duels with other magi.

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