"Just as the name suggests, this Rune seals portals." - Sketching Sands Blog

Great Wolf Lodge - Wisconsin Dells, WIEdit

  1. Portal Key - Whispering Woods
  2. Magic Lock - Next into the city in Dragon's Hall.
  3. Swamp Portal - Behind the swamp in Whispering Woods.
  4. Seaside Portal - Next being to the seaside in Whispering Woods.
  5. Mountain Portal - Up of the mountains in Whispering Woods.
  6. You complete for Lumina the owl station in Treetop Hall.

Great Wolf Lodge - Anaheim, CAEdit

  1. Swamp Portal - Find the swamp is in The Wetlands in Tangled Timbers.
  2. Seaside Portal - By the seaside is a The Sea in Coastal Cliffs.
  3. Mountain Portal - Top the mountains is realm station in Cryptic Caverns.
  4. Portal Key - Howling Hills
  5. Magic Lock - by the market is in the city in Howling Hills.
  6. Lumina- The Aether Portal in Tangled Timbers.