This ancient rune belongs to the Magi clan called Warrior. It has the power to summon thunder & lightning for all Magi Questers who possess it. It is essential for dueling other magi as well as the dark creatures encountered inside MagiQuest. The power of this Warrior rune are only granted to Magi of other clans by the Duel Master. When Dueling with an opponent. Use the rune to drain their mana, or personal power. Especially when Dueling at higher levels. This can make electricity come out of your wand.

WARNING: Spoilers Below!

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These guides will help you obtain the Lightning Rune at your location.

Seek out the tools of the Warrior's trade: The armor, the shield and the Warrior's blade. A Magi Warrior's Code Book, a book of great see, then report to the Gargoyle who will grant you your prize.

Myrtle Beach, SCEdit

  1. Suit of Armor - Castle, lower floor, left side (near dungeon entrance)
  2. Shield - Castle library
  3. Sword in the Stone - Outside the castle, to the right.
  4. Magi Warrior's Code Book - Castle library
  5. Heroic Quest Only: Chest - Behind the entrance to the Duel Master's hut.
  6. Man in the mist - Inside Thunder Cave.

Great Wolf Lodge - Traverse City, MIEdit

  1. Suit of Armor - Forgotten Hallway
  2. Dragon Shield - Tangled Woods
  3. Sword Painting - Piney Path
  4. Magi Warrior's Code Book - Whispery Woods
  5. Gargoyle - Piney Path

Great Wolf Lodge - Wisconsin Dells, WIEdit

  1. A Magi Warrior's Code Book - Next to the Quest Tree in Dragon's Hall
  2. Suit of Armor - Next to the Magi Warrior's Code Book and behind the Dragon Encounter Room in Dragon's Hall
  3. Shield - Dragon's Hall
  4. Sword Painting - Dragon's Hall
  5. Man in the Mist - By the Quest Tree in Dragon's Hall

Battle effectEdit

Normal: Deals 20 points of mana damage

Upgraded: Deals 30 points of mana damage

Price Edit

four cents.