Ice Arrow Rune

The Ice Arrow Rune has the power to penetrate the thick red scales of the Red Dragon. Each MagiQuest Quest Rune symbolizes a quest in the game.

While frozen by the FREEZING RUNE (see: FREEZING RUNE), you can shoot an ice arrow at your opponent to take down more damage than usual.


Wisconsin Dells, WIEdit

  1. Icicle Frost - Whispering Woods
  2. Snowflake - Whispering Woods, across from the Icicle in opposite halls.
  3. Ice Dragon Scales - Piney Path
  4. Hawk's Claw - Treetop Hall
  5. Wise Old Owl - You don't have to use the cauldron in this quest, you just need to find the owl, which is in Treetop Hall next to the claw, she will also give you hints on fighting Charlock with the Ice Arrow Rune.

Mason/Cincinnati, OHEdit

1. Icicle Frost- Enchanted Forest
2. Snowflake- Whispering Woods
3. Dragon Scales- Tangled Woods
4. Hawk's Claw- Piney Path
5. Complete at the Wise Old Owl- Forgotten Hallway

Poconos Mountains, PAEdit

  1. Icicles - Enchanted Woods
  2. Snowflakes - Whispering Woods
  3. Dragon Scales - Tangled Woods
  4. Hawk's Claw - Piney Path
  5. Wise Old Owl - Hidden in the corner of a staircase connecting to Whispering Woods and Tangled Woods. Hint: The Telescope is hiding there too!

Boston/Fitchburg, MAEdit

  1. Icicles - Tempest Islands
  2. Snowflakes - Tempest Islands
  3. Dragon Scales - Highforce Peaks
  4. Hawk's Claw - Tangled Woods
  5. Gold Iron Bar - Next to the Woodland in Highforce Peaks
  6. Ticker Tinwidget the Brass Owl - Highforce Peaks

Anaheim, CAEdit

  1. Icicles - Underwater the Sea Warden Ship is The Sea in Coastal Cliffs.
  2. Snowflakes - But the Cloudcrest up The Sky in Coastal Cliffs.
  3. Dragon Scales - Behind the Ironhold in The City with Howling Hills.
  4. Hawk's Claw - Next to Breakhame with The Vold in Tangled Timbers.
  5. Gold Iron Bar - Up to Woodland with The Glade in Whispering Woods.
  6. Complete the Ticker Tinwidget the Brass Owl with Aether Portal. - Tangled Timbers

Colorado Springs, COEdit

  1. Icicles - Next to the Sea Old Boat with The Sea in Coastal Cliffs.
  2. Snowflakes - Coastal Cliffs
  3. Dragon Scales - Hiding in the Ironhold with The City in Howling Hills.
  4. Hawk's Claw - Tangled Timbers
  5. Gold Iron Bar - Whispering Woods
  6. Ticket Tinwidget the Brass Owl with Aether Portal. - Tangled Timbers

Battle Efect Edit

Normal: 400 damage Upgraded: 800 damage

Price Edit

  1. Five dollars.