Much is written about the strongest in the world of MagiQuest – the Grandmaster Magi. You can be anointed with this coveted title if you complete all the quests in the third volume of The Ancient Book of Wisdom. Amazing adventures await those who strive to reach this lofty goal!

Grandmaster Magi status is achieved when you finish the Grandmaster Magi Quest. However, you can still keep on playing MagiQuest and some locations have extra tiers of quests, Grandmaster MagiQuests and Heroic Quests. These quests are more difficult, and the Heroic versions of some untimed quests are timed. Some locations even have Heroic adventures! Those who have completed all the Grandmaster Magi and Heroic quests are often (unofficially) referred to as Heroic Grandmaster Magi.

Grandmaster Magi is the highest level that can be achieved. Unlocking Grandmaster Magi, having all the runes, and defeating all the bosses also unlocks the quest for battling the final boss, Questmaster.