The Goblin King is a cranky, cantankerous creature who is rumored to have possession of Princess Candice’s precious jewels. He likes to hide his treasures around in the dungeon and only Magi with strong enough powers can battle the Goblin King and recover the Princess’ missing jewels. The Goblin King serves as the secondary antagonist of Magiquest. The Goblin King can only be hurt if a magi casts the Lightning Rune at him. This obnoxious creature uses a strange skeloton staff with a magic red orb. At will, The Goblin King can cast a powerful stream of crimson lightning at you.


The Goblin King sitting on his throne

Defeating Goblin King Edit

New Method: To Goblin king, cast your wand, then press the following runes on the screen: Flame Torch Fire. To defeat Goblin King. you must use the Lightning Rune and the Portal Rune. These same steps may or may not work at other MagiQuest locations, Wisconsin Dells, Kansas City, KS and Mason, OH, among some other locations, use a touchscreen for arming spells while the wand pedestals don't seem to be utilized.


New Method : When the duel begins. Goblin king is lock the gate. Are you ready for fight. One the storm called Lighting Staff. With the staff, Goblin King will be attack of lighting. Being the past the Lightning Rune are: Crown, Armor, Shield and Staff Wand. But using in the Protection Rune is not safe the lighting. When is defeating he will finding The Princesses Jewels as cross over land.

Quotes Edit

"What's all the noise down there? Guard, where are you? Who be this puny magi that dares enter my chamber. If you are here for my treasure, you are foolish to even try! Go home, you mortal little monkey... You are no match for me! But... If you're brave and foolish enough... Perhaps I will tell you how to find the jewels you seek... if you're lucky enough to defeat me! Prepare to duel!"- Goblin King when the battle starts

"Does this puny Magi have what it takes to defeat me?" -Goblin King before he sends his first strike

"Take that!" - Goblin King when striking his first blow

"Whoooooa! What are you trying to do... tickle me?" -Goblin King when first hit

"You're beginning to get on my nerves, magi!" -Goblin King when hit two times

"Poor little Magi! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" -Goblin King taunting the player

"Oh noooo! This Magi might know some magic!" -Goblin King when hit three times

"This cannot beee!" -Goblin King when hit four times

"Your mommy's calling!" -Goblin King taunting the player

"Yeooww! That's powerful magic you wield, Magi!" -Goblin King when hit a fifth and final time

"Nice job, Magi. You have bested the Goblin King. (moves hand which zaps him) Yeowch! You may now collect the Princess's jewels that are scattered around these dungeons with a wave of your wand. Then return them to her. (Moves hand again, zapping him) Yeeow! That fries my frijoles! Go now, and leave me alone!" -Goblin King when defeated

"...and she'll see she's wrong about... wha? Who's there? Aaaahhhh, it's another Magi, eh? I see ye've bypassed me trusted guard, but that's hardly a small victory, to be sure. For I am the great Goblin King! Ready yourself, Magi! Time to see who be the true master of lightning!" - New Version of the Goblin King when the battle starts

"Ooohh! Is Magi gonna cry?" - a taunt from the new version of the Goblin King

"Time to run home to mommy, little Magi!" - a taunt from the new version of the Goblin King

"UUUUUGGGHHH!" - New version of Goblin King when hit once and a third time

"AAAARRRGGGHHH!" - New version of Goblin King when hit a second time

"Agh! My staff! This can't be.... (cough, cough) Bah! I am defeated. The Princess' jewels are scattered across the land, Magi. They're yours... if you can find them." - New version of the Goblin King when defeated

Price Edit

ten dollars