Enchant Creature Rune

The Enchant Creatures Rune is the rune of the Woodsy Clan. It empowers anyone to speak with the creatures of MagiQuest.

Battle effectEdit

Normal: Deals 10 points of mana damage and heals 10 points of mana damage

Upgrade: Deals 20 points of mana damage and heals 20 points of mana damage


Wisconsin Dells, WIEdit

  1. Chest Number One - Dragon's Hall by the Dragon's Lair
  2. Chest Number Two - Dragon's Hall by the Pixie's Perch
  3. Chest Number Three - Whispering Woods
  4. Rune Rock - Piney Path
  5. Pixie Crystal and Encounter - At the Pixie's Perch, activate the crystal outside first, it has to be green, then go in and activate the crystal in the middle to encounter the pixie Serena and she'll give you the Enchant Creature Rune. Note: If the crystal outside is red, you have not collected all the items you need.

East Hanover, NJ (heroic) Edit

  1. Chest 1
  2. Chest 2 (by the castle)
  3. Chest 3 (Enchanted Woods)
  4. Painting (in castle)
  5. Pixie (same hovercrystal rules apply)

Price Edit

  1. Five cents.

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