The Downer's Grove, IL Location is a Kingdom Realm that contains ten Quests and five Adventures (six adventures including the unlockable Silver Dragon Duel). This castle also houses a Laser Tag arena and a gameroom.


  • Lightning Rune Quest
  • Enchant Creature Rune Quest
  • Music Rune Quest
  • Dazzle Rune Quest
  • Healing Rune Quest
  • Rune of Protection Quest
  • Reveal Rune Quest
  • Portal Rune Quest
  • Rune of Freezing Quest
  • Ice Arrow Rune Quest
  • Master Magi Rune Quest

Master Magi Quests Edit


  • Pixie Adventure
  • Princess and Goblin King Adventure
  • Duelmaster Adventure
  • Dragon Adventures
    • Charlock the Dragon
      • This is a red dragon quest.
    • Winterra Master Magi Adventure
      • This is the ice dragon.
    • The Silver Dragon Portal Adventure
      • Previously, to begin the Silver Dragon Adventure, the player would have to defeat the Golem in the PC game "MagiQuest Online," but since the shutdown of the online servers, it is no longer required. Instead, you must first complete the Master Magi Rune Quest.