The Detect Magic Rune is the first rune quest in Shadow Quest.

It is used to detect where powerful magic has been used.

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Detect Magic Rune Quest

"Search the Kingdom for Crystals, that shine bright and true,

one of each color: red, green, yellow, white, and blue.

Venture forth to Mana Falls in the forest by noon,

and the shield in the city, asleep under the moon.

Then journey on to Pixie's Hall where you will find two,

next to the owl in Tangled Woods when you are through."

Great Wolf Lodge - Wisconsin Dells, WI Edit

  1. Red Crystal - Whispery Woods
  2. White Crystal - Dragon's Hall
  3. Green Crystal - Dragon's Hall
  4. Yellow Crystal - Whispery Woods
  5. Blue Crystal - Dragon's Hall
  6. Magic Shield - Next is in the city is Dragon's Hall.
  7. Mana Falls - Find them in the pixie's forest in Dragon's Hall.
  8. Lumina - You have all the runes in the owl station in Treetop Hall.

Great Wolf Lodge - Anaheim, CA Edit

  1. Red Crystal - Howling Hills
  2. White Crystal - Howling Hills
  3. Green Crystal - Whispering Woods
  4. Yellow Crystal - Whispering Woods
  5. Blue Crystal - Howling Hills
  6. Magic Shield - Find the city is realm station in Howling Hills.
  7. Mana Falls - Next in the forest is The Falls in Whispering Woods.
  8. Lumina - Complete to the Aether Portal in Tangled Timbers.