==== the Woodsy Clan

  There are 5 clans in magiquest. Let us talk about the Woodsy clan.

The Woodsy people are intelligent tree folk that live mischevious by nature. The rune they possess is the Creature-Enchant rune. The soul animal Woodsy possess is the unicorn (I'm sorry boys. When I found this out I was parylized to.) stealthy, outgoing, intelligent, and artistic. Weapon of choice: bow & arrow. The toppers that are the most suitable for the woodsy are: ice crystal & pixie. They both give you the power of nature

   Woodsy people like to travel in groups of 5 to 6. But if someone is acting suspicious, the woodsy will have them out before sundown. Some times they join up with other clans to go to battle with another clan. The armor they use is wooden armor. But their everyday clothes are layered made of leaves.
   They live in the woods. They all live in the same treehouse, the protection: the treehouse is bewitched, only a Woodsy can enter to find a mantion. They disappear into it. Woodsy people are vegan. Only the clan leader can control the weather, though. All the Woodsy clan can be revived by water A.K.A thrown into the river, lake, etc. The woodsy clan is  one of the most important clans of magiquest!

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