Origin Edit


This is the Amulet of Andover that Princess Candice gives you after you compleate her adventure. You can purchase this in the Magiquest shop

The Amulet of Andover belongs to Princess Candice and is worn arond her neck. If you defeat the Goblin King and return the Princesses Jewels, then she will give you the Amulet. When she does, Candice tells you about it’s magical properties.

Magical Properties Edit

The amulet is said to be able to cast a reverse spell. This means that if you are dueling and you use the Amulet, it will reverse a spell that is cast at you. This is a quote from The Ancient Book of Wisdom (Myrtle Beach), “If an opponent casts a spell that causes mana damage, the caster will receive that damage. If an opponent casts a healing spell, the Magi using The Amulet of Andover will have their mana restored. If an opponent cast a shield spell, there will be no effect to either magi.” The book also states that if you upgrade the Amulet, then all effects of the spells reversed, will be doubled.