A very hot furnace-like rune, it supplies magic fire that is a lot hotter than normal fire, perhaps similar to dragon fire?

Great Wolf Lodge - Wisconsin Dells, WIEdit

  1. Campfire of Ice - Behind in the water park in Dragon's Hall.
  2. Slow Red Crystal - Whispering Woods
  3. Medium Red Crystal - in the Quest Trees.
  4. Fast Red Crystal - Whispery Woods
  5. Swamp Bottle - Next is in the swamp in Whispering Woods.
  6. You have all runes with Ivan the Runemaster Yeti - Whispering Woods

Great Wolf Lodge - Anaheim, CAEdit

  1. Campfire of Ice - Tangled Timbers
  2. Swamp Bottle - Find the swamp is The Wetlands in Tangled Timbers.
  3. Slow Red Crystal - Howling Hills
  4. Medium Red Crystal - Coastal Cliffs
  5. Fast Red Crystal - Cryptic Caverns
  6. Ivan the Runemaster Yeti- On the Air Portal in Coastal Cliffs.