first you need to lock into your adventure. Its quite like locking into runes, but this time you are embarking on an exiting, action packed adventure. First, go to an access station. When it asks you if you want to go to a Quest, or Adventure, press 'Adventure' You will see a list of the several adventures you can do. Press an adventure you'd like to do. It will tell you the runes you must have for this adventure. Like, for the goblin, you must have the lightning rune, and the portal rune. You must have these runes. You MUST. if you do, click 'OK', or if you don't, click 'CANCEL'. Accept the Adventure, and lock into it. Now go, and embark on your adventure. I will name a few: The dragon, the pixie, and the goblin. (see: CHARACTERS) for more info on these adventures.